dr Maryna  Demianchuk

dr Maryna Demianchuk

Maryna Demianchuk is a graduate of the Odesa National Academy of Communication named after O.S. Popov (candidate of economic sciences, Odesa, Ukraine, 2013) and Kherson National Technical University (doctor of economic sciences, Kherson, Ukraine, 2020).

The field of her scientific interests is the study of the impact of migration processes on the socio-economic indicators of the countries of the European Union as a result of the military conflict caused by the attack of the Russian Federation on Ukraine, as well as fundamental scientific research on current problems of socio-economic development, in particular economic processes in the sphere of finance, banking and insurance, econometric modeling, ICT, balanced development of enterprises, globalization, informatization, financial and insurance ecosystem, other economic processes of various spheres of activity.

As a researcher, she participated in the working groups of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP, United Nations) dedicated to in-depth national studies on the deployment of ICT infrastructure together with road transport and energy infrastructure in Kazakhstan  and Kyrgyzstan .

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