dr Olena Ovchynnikova

dr Olena Ovchynnikova

Her research interest is population migration, and its causes and consequences, the construction of migration models and the development of forecasts of migration processes, the connection of migration with socio-economic and demographic indicators. She has more than a hundred publications in scientific journals in Ukraine and abroad, copyright certificates and textbook. She participated as an opponent of dissertations on migration in the Specialized Academic Councils of Kyiv and Lviv, took part in international conferences, seminars and trainings on Population Migration Research, Modeling, and Information Technology.

In her PhD thesis, she focused on researching the system of economic-mathematical methods and models for the organization of research on potential population migration. In her research, she uses tools of data mining, econometrics, cybernetic models. Thus, her monograph was devoted to Stochastic and Fuzzy Modeling of Migration Processes.

In 2020-2021 as a researcher and expert, she took part on the project Irregular Migration in Ukraine supported by the IOM. Olena directly interviewed both immigrants and representatives of the executive authorities of Ukraine and took part in analysis of the survey results.

Olena also has extensive experience working in a non-governmental organization, as analyst, a project manager and a board member of the NGO Center of Research and Consultation. She is also currently working on researching the problems and needs of Ukrainians who were forced by the war in Ukraine to go to the Western regions of Ukraine and abroad, and who want to start their own business in emigration. She is employed at CMR as an assistant professor under the “Excellence Initiative – Research University” program.


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