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Centre of Migration Research

Job offers


Scholarship (No. S-P-OPUS24-1.1/2023)

Volunteers during 20th IMISCOE Annual Conference

Volunteer/trainee/intern in HE GAPs project

Assistant professor  (UW/IDUB/2023/03) 

Quantitative Postdoctoral Researcher (post-doc)

Qualitative Postdoctoral Researcher (post-doc)

Assistant professor   (call no. UW/IDUB/2022/46)

Main contractor in the project (UW internal recruitment)

Post-doc (No. OBM-NA-P-OPUS16-3.1/2022)

Scholarship (No. S-P-OPUS20-1.2/2022)

Post-doc (No. OBM-NA-P-OPUS20-2.1/2022)

  1. Download declaration of consent to personal data processing
  2. Read Ordinance No 106 of the Rector of the University of Warsaw of 27 September 2019 on setting out detailed rules and the procedure of conducting contests for positions of academic teachers at the University of Warsaw