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Centre of Migration Research

Weronika Kloc-Nowak, Magdalena Lesińska, Dominika Pszczółkowska. 2023.

Poles in Ireland: Transnational Communities in the Period of Post-Accession Migration


CMR Spotlight 10(55)

Are Polish migrants involved in politics? And of which country? How are they engaged in their communities? Do they transmit political norms and customs to
Poland? To study the political and public participation of Polish post-EU accession migrants, Prof. Magdalena Lesińska implemented a multi-year research project at CMR – financed by National Science Centre Poland – focused on Poles in Ireland.
Here, we present the English language summary of the new book in Polish “Polacy w Irlandii: transnarodowe społeczności w dobie migracji poakcesyjnych”, which you can download in open access.

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