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Centre of Migration Research

Maciej Maryl, Marta Jaroszewicz, Iryna Degtyarova, Yevheniia Polishchuk, Marta Pachocka, Magdalena Wnuk. 2022.

Beyond Resilience: Professional Challenges, Preferences, and Plans of Ukrainian Researchers Abroad




This survey report, provides first-hand reliable information on the professional challenges and preferences regarding the support measures for those Ukrainian researchers who left Ukraine in the aftermath of the Russian invasion of 24 February 2022. The findings are proposed as empirical evidence for planning support programmes by academic institutions and funding institutions, and will help properly address research needs of Ukrainian scholars by providing information about the demographic profile, discipline and career stage of scientists in need, as well as about the particular professional and living challenges they face. While navigating the uncertainty of both their personal and professional lives, Ukrainian scholars express not only a great resilience and strength in coping with their current situation, but also a great level of care about the future of their home institutions and the post-war recovery o Ukrainian science. The survey is of exploratory character and is based on 619 responses provided by Ukrainian research community in exile from the end of June till the beginning of September 2022.

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