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Centre of Migration Research

Dymitr Gafarowski. 2014.

Kwestia uchodźstwa w nauce o stosunkach międzynarodowych: przegląd podstawowej literatury i wybranych kierunków badań


CMR Working Paper, Nr 69(127)


The article provides a concise review of the literature on the recent developments of international relations in the field of refugee issues. The chosen bibliography neither attempts to be comprehensive nor does it serve as a complete research guide. Given the body of knowledge that exists on the subject of refugees, the author elected to review some principal literature of the phenomenon in question and analyze research trends in the field. The review consists of four parts, which throw light on the significant areas in literature addressing the question of refugees in international relations. In the first part of the article, the author provides a historical background to the studies of a refugee phenomenon. Secondly, he discusses the refugee phenomenon in the sphere of law. The third section discusses a variety of studies and researches done on the phenomenon of forced migration by international relation scholars. Finally, the author investigates the polish achievements in relation to refugee studies, particularly in the subject of international relations. In the present article the achievements of the Polish science in relation to the refugee problem are analyzed in comparison with Western science.


refugee studies, international relations, literature review