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Centre of Migration Research

Marta Pachocka, Karolina Sobczak-Szelc. 2020.

Refugee Protection Poland Country Report


Working Papers Global Migration: Consequences and Responses Paper 2020/35, January 2018


This work is the country research report prepared within Work Package 3, focused on refugee protection and asylum policy in Poland, delivered under the H2020 project RESPOND—Multilevel Governance of Mass Migration in Europe and Beyond. The main aims of this report are: • to analyse policies and practices in the field of international protection implemented by state and non-state actors; • to analyse the experiences, actions, perceptions, and opinions of state and non-state actors and forced migrants with regard to the functioning of the national refugee system and implemented asylum policy; • to provide empirical analysis based on the macro- (WP1 country report), meso- and micro-level (from fieldwork) analyses; • to identify examples of good practices in the area under study; • to evaluate the national refugee system and implemented asylum policy and provide


refugee protection, asylum procedures, migration governance

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