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Centre of Migration Research

Announcement of the competition for the post-doc position (OBM-NA-P-OPUS20-1.1/2021)



of Centre of Migration Research, University of Warsaw

invites applications for a post-doc position

at the Centre of Migration Research.


The competition is open to persons who meet the conditions set out in the Act on Higher Education and Science of July 20, 2018 (Journal of Laws of 2020, item 85 with amended), and the Statute of the University of Warsaw.

Institution: Centre of Migration Research, University of Warsaw

Position in the project: Post-doc position (in the discipline of social science)

Project title: Employer interests as an underrated factor in labour migration – an institutional approach (acronym: E factor)

Number of job offers: 1


  • a PhD in social sciences obtained in economics and finance or political and administration science or sociology by another institution than the University of Warsaw[1];
  • experience in conducting research confirmed by participation in social science research projects and publications in scientific monographs or journals from the list of Ministry of Science and Higher Education and Ministry of Education and Science;
  • excellent knowledge of social science methodology in particular qualitative research methods and computer-assisted analysis confirmed by experience in conducting research and data analysis (research and publication experience);
  • excellent command/high proficiency in spoken and written English (confirmed by certificates or participation in international research projects, teaching in English and publications);
  • fluent knowledge of German or Italian (confirmed by certificates or teaching in German or Italian and/or publications);
  • ability to work individually and in a team;
  • publication in English (publication in journals over 100 points from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education list will be an asset).

 The advantages:

  • interest in labour migration, institutional economics and migration policies confirmed by participation in research projects and/or publications;
  • studies in the field of demography, economics, industrial relations, political sciences or sociology, (any degree);
  • research visits or internships abroad.

Project description:

The person employed as an assistant professor will carry out tasks within the project “Employer interests as an underrated factor in labour migration – an institutional approach (acronym: E factor)” funded by the National Science Centre (the OPUS 20 call) in a team led by prof. Marek Okólski. Project description


The aims of tasks planned within the project are the following:

  1. In-depth analysis of the influence of employers’ interests on labour migration in different political, economic and socio-cultural contexts: Germany, Italy, Poland, the United Kingdom and the whole European Union;
  2. Providing an innovative conceptual framework adapting the New Institutional Economics (NIE) approach to labour migration, thus enhancing theoretical advancements in this domain. By grounding the study in the NIE methodology, we will be able to look at all levels of potential influences starting from social norms and informal institutions, through the institutional environment and relations between labour market organisations, and ending at resource allocation in the economy.

 Task description:

  • participation and coordination of the work of the research team at all stages of the research project;
  • participation in conceptual work (assisting in the designing of theoretical frameworks of the project nad fine-tuning of the methodology);
  • coordination and complex implementation of qualitative research (desk research, collecting primary and secondary data in selected case studies);
  • analysing the primary and secondary data in selected case studies;
  • managing the organisational side of the project and execution of the work plan and other administrative issues related to project management, i.e. control over the Data Management Plan, coordination of the finalisation of publications and their submissions;
  • preparation (in a collaborative manner) and publication of papers in high-quality academic journals;
  • preparation (in a collaborative manner) of conference presentations;
  • carrying out dissemination and promotion activities for the project results;
  • supporting the PhD student in his/her academic progress;
  • active participation in the scientific activities of the Centre of Migration Research.

Conditions of employment:

  1. the period of employment: 48 months (planned start of employment: October 1 2021)
  2. full-time equipment (FTE) – the primary place of employment
  3. 10 000 PLN per month (gross including employer’s surcharges)

 Required documents:

  1. A cover letter in Polish or English;
  2. A copy of the PhD diploma;
  3. CV in Polish or English (containing information on scientific achievements, e.g. research grants, selected conference speeches, foreign internships, awards and distinctions);
  4. Two letters of recommendation;
  5. list of publications (of chapters and articles published in peer-reviewed monographs and journals with information about journal impact factor (JIF) and the number of points according to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and Ministry of Education and Science including two scoring systems – before 2019 and from 2019);
  6. One exemplary publication in English (1 publication sheet – an article or a chapter/book fragment),
  7. a signed information clause on the processing of personal data (here);
  8. statement of contents: “I declare that I have read and accepted the rules of conducting competitions for the position of academic teacher at the University of Warsaw, as specified in the Order No. 106 of the Rector of the University of Warsaw of September 27 2019.”

 Application deadline: 10.08.2021, 23:59

Please submit the documents via email to: (ID number: OBM-NA-P-OPUS20-1.1/2021)

 Additional information:

The expected date of the decision: 15/09/2021. Candidates will be informed about the results via email.

 Recruitment is a two-step process:

1 / Evaluation of the electronic or paper application of the Candidates.

2 / Interviews. Candidates who best match the Candidate profile listed above and who have received the highest number of points from the first step will be invited to the interview till 24/08/2021.

3/ The competition is the first stage of the recruitment procedure for the position of academic teacher set out in the Statute of the University of Warsaw. Its positive decision is the basis for further proceedings.

Announcement date: 1.07.2021

[1] The requirement to obtain a PhD degree in an institution other than the University of Warsaw results from the regulations on awarding funding for research tasks funded by the National Science Centre (the OPUS 20 call for research projects).