dr hab. Aleksandra Grzymała-Kazłowska


Aleksandra Grzymala-Kazlowska has been a member of the Centre of Migration Research since 1998. She also holds a position as an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Sociology. Dr hab. Grzymala-Kazlowska specialises in the issues of adaptation and integration of immigrants, cultural representations and ethnic attitudes as well as new theories of migration and integration. She is an author, editor or co-editor of 6 books or special issues of academic journals as well as over 50 academic papers published, among others, in ‘Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies’, ‘Ethnicities’, ‘Canadian Diversity’ and ‘Journal of Migration and Refugee Studies’. She is a member of the Research Committee on Human Migrations and Polish Diaspora at the Polish Academy of Science and serves as an expert at the Human Rights Defender and a Deputy Editor for the journal ‘Central and Eastern European Migration Review’. She has been granted the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowship.

Selected publications

Research projects