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Centre of Migration Research

Marcin Gońda, Michał Nowosielski, Ignacy Jóźwiak. 2023.

Poland’s support for Polish Studies units abroad – a tool of public diplomacy or diaspora policy?


Studia Migracyjne - Przegląd Polonijny 2023 (XLIX) Nr 2 (188)

Migration Studies – Review of Polish Diaspora
nr 2 (188)/2023,
DOI: 10.4467/25444972SMPP.23.015.18629


The paper analyses the Polish government’s actions to support Polish studies units abroad and examines the relationships between these units and institutions in Poland. It aims to understand the forms and scope of support offered to Polish studies units and to explain why public diplomacy actions also target the Polish diaspora. The analysis is based on official documents related to public diplomacy and Polish diaspora policy, as well as the results of an empirical study conducted among representatives of Polish institutions responsible for promoting the Polish image abroad and representatives of Polish studies units. The conclusions indicate the heterogeneity of these units and differences in support for units in the East and the West. In the case of units operating in former Soviet Union countries, Polish diaspora policy dominates, aiming to maintain connections between local Polish communities and Poland. In the West, support for Polish studies units stems from both Polish diaspora policy and public diplomacy.


Polish studies, diaspora policy, public diplomacy, science diplomacy