dr  Kamila Fiałkowska

Kamila Fiałkowska is a researcher at the Centre of Migration Research, University of Warsaw. Her research focuses on emigration from Poland, specifically seasonal migration from Poland to Germany and post accession emigration of Poles to the UK. She has worked on a projects on seasonal migrants from Poland to Germany (founded by Polish-German Foundation for Science) and on masculinities in migration looking at how gender practices affects the integration prospects of Polish migrants in the UK (founded by Polish National Science Centre). Currently she is involved into research project on migration of Polish Roma. Her research interests revolve around gender relations in migratory settings, masculinity studies and family relations, construction of national and gender identities. She defended her PhD in 2018 at the Faculty of Political Studies and International Relations at the University of Warsaw, completed MA in Political Science at the University of Wroclaw (2008) and MA in Migration Studies at the University of Sussex (2009).


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