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Ośrodek Badań nad Migracjami

Witold Klaus, Marta Pachocka. 2019.

Examining the Global North Migration Policies: A “Push Out – Push Back” Approach to Forced Migration


International Migration; Volume57, Issue 5, October 2019 | s. 280-293


In this paper we focus on adapting the concept of push – pull factors to forced migration by proposing a “push out – push back” approach that underlines two most crucial elements of forced migrants’ experience. On the one hand, it stresses the reasons for leaving countries of origin or of temporary refuge that are not dependant on the will of people who flew those places, thus the “push out” factors. On the other hand, it represents the refusal of the countries of the Global North to accept forced migrants and their use of various practices, amounting to “push back” factors, to prevent them from entering or leaving their territory if they manage to reach it. These factors can be divided into three groups: passive, active, and symbolic.