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Ośrodek Badań nad Migracjami

Call for Artists WITH a MIGRANT BACKGROUND for the Art Exhibition “Displaced Bodies and Hearts”


The RESPOND project welcomes applications for a digital art exhibition, which will be organised in Sweden, Germany and the UK. ‘Displaced Bodies and Hearts” aims to exhibit work dealing with the sufferings and hopes of people on the move due to forced displacement.

We as researchers working on different aspects of migration believe that migration is one of the most salient social phenomena of our times and that it needs to be understood from many different angles. Historically, art has always given powerful messages that might otherwise be overlooked. We therefore call on refugee and migrant artists to submit their artwork about forced displacement of people due to wars and violence in the broadest sense. Artwork may focus on any dimension of migration experiences, including border crossings, settlement, new lives elsewhere, challenges, or hopes and dreams.

With this exhibition, we aim to foster humanitarian values, social inclusion and empathy in our societies.  Most importantly we want to provide an opportunity to look at migration experiences from the perspective of refugee and migrant artists.

The exhibition will have a digital format; the artwork will be displayed in Sweden, Germany, and the UK from mid-2020. We also have the ambition to organise the exhibition in other countries (e.g. Turkey, Greece, Poland, Italy, Iraq and Lebanon).