Przejdź do głównej treści Przejdź do nawigacji
Ośrodek Badań nad Migracjami

Izabela Koryś, Rusłan Antoniewski. 2005.

„Kraj perspektyw realnych”– migranci zarobkowi o swoim życiu i pracy w Polsce.


Przegląd Polonijny, zeszyt 3/2005 (117) | s. 77-100


The article summarizes broad narrative material gathered during in-depth interviews with migrant petty-traders operating in Warsaw area and field observations conducted on farms employing irregular migrants. It portrays specific group of circular, often irregular but spatially and socially mobile group of "self-made migrant entrepreneurs" that successfully carved the niches in Polish economy in the 90s. Through personal evidence of migrants, mainly from Ukraine, Vietnam, but also Armenia, Belarus, Iraq, Somalia, and Nigeria, the migration patterns and "survival strategies" of irregular migrants are reconstructed. Besides migrants' strategies to cope with challenges raised by their irregular status in the country of residence, other aspect of existence in the foreign country (like work, available jobs, leisure time, savings and remittances, basic motives of taking the decision on mgration, future plans etc.) are also described.