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Michael Dobbins, Rafael Pablo Labanino, Rafał Riedel, Szczepan Czarnecki, Brigitte Horváth, Emilia Szyszkowska. 2023.

Organized interests in post-communist policy-making: a new dataset for comparative research


Interest Groups & Advocacy Volume 12, pages 73–101, (2023) | s. 73-101

DOI: 10.1057/s41309-022-00172-1


This article familiarizes readers with the international research project ‘The Missing Link: Exploring Organized Interests in Post-Communist Policy-Making’ (OrgIntCEE). The project team has focused on how populations of organized interests in the region have evolved, how they interact with state institutions as well as the group-specific characteristics driving access to policy-makers. The project also explores how Europeanization has affected post-communist interest groups as well as other factors contributing to their “coming-of-age.” We provide a comprehensive overview of the population ecology and survey datasets, while shedding light on the challenges during the data collection process. After a short overview of the project context and structure, we present some country-specific aggregated data on organizational densities and their political activity. We also reflect on potential uses for the data, before wrapping up the article with a self-critical assessment of what could have been done differently as a roadmap for future research.