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Magdalena Lesińska (red.). 2017.

Ukrainian and Russian Immigrants in Poland: Whither Integration?


in: Di Bartolomeo A., Kalantaryan S., Salamońska J., Fargues P. (eds), Migrant Integration between Homeland and Host Society Volume 2, Springer, str. 151-168


This chapter analyses the integration of immigrants from Ukraine and Russia in Poland, with special attention to the interplay of the legal and political frameworks of the countries of destination and origin in the receiving country’s integration process. The findings are based on an analysis of quantitative data and an exploratory survey which targeted representatives of civil society organisations working with migrants in Poland. The survey results confirm that in the case of Ukrainian and Russian migrants residing in Poland, there is no evidence of any organised support from either the country of origin or the country of destination with respect to migrants’ integration in the receiving country.