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Marcin Gońda, Michał Nowosielski, Ignacy Jóźwiak. 2023.

Between international academic relations and diaspora policy: rethinking the role of Polish studies abroad


Globalisation, Societies and Education



Poland has undertaken a number of public diplomacy measures to build its credibility on the European and global stage. Initiating and supporting ‘Polish studies’ (research or teaching on Poland-related topics) at foreign universities is considered an increasingly important tool in the process of creating a positive image and increasing knowledge about Poland in the world. In practice, however, the main addressee of these activities is not necessarily the international audience, but the Polish diaspora. Basing on a mix-method research, this paper discusses Poland’s involvement in the development of Polish studies abroad and shows ambiguities of their use by public diplomacy actors.

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International academic relations, public diplomacy, science diplomacy, diaspora, diaspora policy, Poland