dr hab. Magdalena Lesińska


Assistant Professor in Centre of Migration Research at University of Warsaw (CMR UW). She was awarded a PhD in Political Science in 2006 at Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Wrocław. Her PhD thesis was devoted to the comparative analysis of political inclusion of the immigrants in Western European countries. She completed MA Program in Nationalism Studies in Central European University in Budapest (2002) and MA Program in Political Science in University of Wroclaw (2001). During MA studies her main research focused on nationalism, rights and political mobilization of ethnic and national minorities, with special focus on Roma population in Central Eastern Europe.

In 2006-2008 she worked as an Assistant Professor at University of Wrocław in the Department of European Studies. Since 2008 she has been employed in the CMR UW, in 2008-2013 she performed duties of a Deputy Director in the CMR UW. Her present research area includes migration policy at state and EU level, citizenship and naturalization, political and public participation of immigrants, political activities of Poles living abroad, state policy towards Polish diaspora. She is co-editor of several books, and author of dozen or so articles and working papers, among them analyses of migration policy of Poland and other CEE countries, and political recommendations.

Committee for Migration Studies of Polish Academy of Science,
Research Network IMISCOE (International Migration, Integration and Social Cohesion),
Commission on Migrants established by Human Rights Defender of the Republic of Poland,
Editorial Board of Central and Eastern European Migration Review (CEEMR),
European Academic Network on Romani Studies,
Transatlantic Forum on Migration and Integration

Head of Postgraduate Program on International Migration in CMR UW
Secretary of Committee of Migration Research of Polish Academy of Science.

Non-scientific interests: traveling, photographing, badminton, jogging.

Selected publications

Research projects